Chilean Flamingo

Phoenicopterus chilensis

Average Lifespan: Up to 50 years.


Diet: Aquatic invertebrates, including brine shrimp and snails.


Geography: Southern half of South America.

Babies: Lays one egg at a time and incubates for one month.


Conservation Status: Not Endangered.


Interesting Fact: Flamingos are not the only birds that stand on one leg. Because flamingos have such long legs, it’s easier to see them tucking one leg up towards their body. Standing on one leg helps to regulate body temperature and keep birds warm. 


Flamingos at the Zoo

Long-legged beauties! Contrary to popular belief, flamingos do not have backwards knees. What appear to be their knees are actually their ankles and their knees are higher up, closer to their bodies. 


Our youngest is six months old; the oldest is over 40.
Our flamingos weigh between 5-6 lbs. and stand 3-4 ft. tall. 



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