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Outdoor Ed

Open to ALL students!

Join our hands-on, experiential program for learners ages 3-15. Our interactive approach fulfills California standards by introducing age-specific content and developing research skills. Over each 8-week session, students explore as field biologists, recording observations, evaluating problems, and developing solutions. Classes are grouped by age.

You must be a Santa Barbara Zoo Member to participate in the Outdoor Ed program.


2023–24 SCHEDULE

September 14 or 15 – November 2 or 3: California Explores
November 16 or 17– February 1 or: Animal Sciences and Zoo Careers

Choose a day: Thursday OR Friday

$260/first student
$210/second student
$190/each additional student
Optional practicum: $150/student

What We’re Doing to Keep Your Kids Safe

  • Outdoor Ed is held exclusively outside, with shaded areas, in a designated zone away from the public
  • Educators will each have a sanitation kit to wash all surfaces before and after use as well as sanitize students’ hands as necessary
  • No early drop-off or late pick-up options to minimize cross-contact with additional staff
  • Students will stay in assigned groups all day/week with the same instructor

500 Ninos Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93103