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Filming Guidelines

The Santa Barbara Zoo offers the opportunity to use the Zoo facilities and images of its animals for advertising, film and video productions, artistic renderings, books, consumer products and stock photography. As a nonprofit corporation, the Santa Barbara Zoo relies on monies for efforts such as these to continue its mission of wildlife conservation and education as well as for animal enrichment and exhibit improvements.

With its wide range of rare and endangered animals and beautiful gardens, the Santa Barbara Zoo provides an ideal backdrop for video productions, still photography, and artistic renderings.

We consider each location request on an individual basis, and fees are charged for location shooting. View the Film Fees and Policies guide at right for guidelines, and please e-mail for a quote.

Location Filming/Photography

Kevin Nuss, Director of Marketing
Phone: (805) 962-5339, ext. 116

Film Fees and Policies

Policy Overview

Location Fees

Location fees are set depending upon a variety of factors, such as the nature and purpose of the project, its intended market, its potential promotional value to the Zoo, the potential disruption to the Zoo, the extent to which the Zoo is required to support the project, and the extent to which the rights to the final product are shared with the Zoo.

Script Review

We reserve the right to review the script for all scenes featuring the Zoo in order to ensure consistency with our mission and image.

Use of Film and Photographs

The production company may use film and photographs shot at the Zoo only for the specific purpose stated in the Location Agreement. Under no circumstances may the production company use film and photographs shot at the Santa Barbara Zoo in a manner inconsistent with the Zoo’s mission and image or in a defamatory, untrue or censorable nature, and the company shall cease any such use upon demand by the Zoo.

Advance Notice

At least two weeks’ notice is required whenever possible.

Movie shoot at the zoo

500 Ninos Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93103