You’re probably aware of the good work that the Santa Barbara Zoo does with our own animals. However, many people are not aware of the work we do in the wild.

Back from the Brink

The Santa Barbara Zoo is a partner in the heroic effort to save California condors in the wild.

Nest Monitoring
Intensive monitoring of each wild condor nest allows SB Zoo, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and partner organizations to administer emergency aid to chicks in need.

Check out the Cornell Lab’s Condor Cam.

Calling all nest monitors! Get the flyer for nest guarding volunteer info.

Veterinary Support
After administering vaccinations to a 60-day old wild chick in its nest, a Santa Barbara Zoo vet ascends a sheer cliff face.

By picking up small trash items in the wilderness, Santa Barbara Zoo staff and volunteers prevent condors from unwittingly feeding these items to their chicks.

Check out California condor conservation in action!

To learn more about the Zoo’s condors, visit Condor Country.

Unique & Endangered

Island foxes on six of the eight California Channel Islands are recovering well from near extinction just ten years ago.

Fox Monitoring
A Santa Barbara Zoo staff member assists the National Park Service in monitoring released Channel Island foxes.

Knowledge and Understanding
The Santa Barbara Zoo was the first institution to breed foxes on the mainland, allowing us to add to our natural history knowledge of this rare species.

Veterinary Support
Santa Barbara Zoo veterinary staff are on-call to assist with procedures and emergencies on the Islands.

In Our Own Backyard

Nearly one-third of amphibians worldwide – almost 2,000 species – are threatened with extinction. Many are in our own backyard.

FrogWatch USA Partner
The Santa Barbara Zoo is a participant in FrogWatch USA, a long-term monitoring program to help conserve amphibians across the nation.

Monitoring & Research
Santa Barbara Zoo staff assist the United States Forest Service in monitoring threatened and endangered species in the Los Padres National Forest.

Santa Barbara Zoo staff place an exclosure around a red-legged frog egg mass to protect it from predation by invasive species.

For more information, to volunteer, or to otherwise support our work, please contact Dr. Estelle Sandhaus, Director of Conservation and Research by phone, (805) 962-5339, ext. 192 or email.

The Santa Barbara Zoo is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of the natural world and its living treasures through education, research, and recreation.