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Welcome to Condor Country!

condor-country-game-saveWant to help save an endangered species from possible extinction?

The new mobile game Condor Country puts you in charge of helping highly endangered California condors increase their numbers in the wild.

You lead a team of zookeepers, field biologists, and veterinarians all working to save the species using the real-life practices of the California Condor Recovery Program.

You’ll incubate eggs and watch chicks hatch, grow, and eventually fly free. Track the free-flying flock using telemetry, trap and release them after checkups by the vet. Expand your flock into real life locations like the Grand Canyon, Big Sur and the remote Sespe California Condor Preserve.

watch-condor-grow-1“There is no win or lose in the game. It is about establishing a wild condor flock capable of raising chicks and producing more condors,” says Dr. Estelle Sandhaus, Santa Barbara Zoo’s Director of Conservation and Research. “But just like in real life, there are losses. Condors die from lead poisoning. Eggs are infertile. But the California condor can be saved, in spite of setbacks. If the condor can do it, then other endangered species can. That’s our message.”

condor-country-game-teamCondor Country has been developed through a collaboration of the Santa Barbara Zoo, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Cerberus Interactive.

It is free to download for both Android and iOS, and proceeds from optional in-game purchases will help continue the Zoo’s many ongoing conservation and education programs.

Visit the Condor Country game website for more information.

This video shows just how close Condor Country comes to real-life conservation.

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