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Digital Membership Cards

Digital membership cards provide a more efficient and convenient way for Santa Barbara Zoo Members to receive their cards. This environmentally-friendly approach supports the Zoo’s vision to connect people to nature for the betterment of both by reducing our environmental footprint.

Additionally, where physical cards can be lost, stolen, or left behind, digital cards live on your smartphone, and can be accessed anywhere you travel without the inconvenience of fumbling through a wallet to find the physical card. It’s a great way to access membership when visiting one of our reciprocal AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums.

As of April 2022, we transitioned to digital membership cards. Within two weeks of purchasing or renewing your SB Zoo membership, you’ll receive an email with a link to download your digital membership card. If you still prefer a physical card, simply send an email to the membership team to let us know.

We hope you will enjoy this convenient way to access membership cards! Thank you for continuing to support the Zoo’s efforts to protect our planet.

Sample digital membership card

Digital Membership Card FAQ

How do I receive my digital membership card?

Current SB Zoo Members will receive an email with a link to download their digital membership card. You will need to open the email on your mobile device and follow the instructions to download the card. The card will automatically be stored in your phone’s wallet app.

How will I use my digital membership card?

Your digital membership card is unique to your membership and displays your name, membership level, expiration date, and barcode. Take advantage of your membership benefits by showing your digital membership card to our staff at the Admissions window with your tickets, or whenever you are using your member benefits, including for discounts around the Zoo or at reciprocal institutions.

How do I install my digital membership card on my iPhone?

Access the digital membership card email from your smartphone and click the “Download” button, then click “Add to Wallet” and “Add.” The card will automatically go to your iPhone’s Apple Wallet. It can be accessed in the Wallet app at any time.

How do I install my digital membership card on my Android mobile device?

Download Gpay (Google Wallet) app from the Google Play store. Make sure Gpay app is installed, then open the digital membership card email on your phone. Tap on the “Download Membership” button in the email, then click on “add to Gpay.” A preview will appear: click on “Save to Gpay.”

In some cases, Gpay might ask you to log in so you can save it to an account. Please log in to continue (no credit card information should be required). The card will be saved to Gpay and you will be able to access it from the Gpay app at any moment.

Will both cardholders receive a digital membership card?

Yes! For Dual Plus level and above, each member account will receive a link to their unique digital membership card via email. This email will be sent to the primary email address we have on file (same as your login ID for making Zoo reservations). The cardholder receiving the email can then forward it to their fellow cardholder or use the “share” feature of the wallet app to ensure that both cardholders receive their digital membership card.

What if I prefer a physical membership card?

By default, all members will now receive a digital membership card sent to the primary email address we have on file. If you prefer a physical membership card instead, please email the membership team.

Can I update the email address(es) associated with my membership?

Yes! Please email the membership team to update your information. Please also review and update your contact information as you renew your membership.

Note: changing your primary email contact will also change your login ID for your online account used for making reservations and registering for programs.

I'm not sure I received my digital card. Can you send it again?

Yes! Please contact us by email or phone (805) 679-8479 and we can resend the email for you to download and enjoy your digital membership card. You may also want to check the Junk, Spam, and Unwanted folders of your email. The email subject line will start with, “Your New Santa Barbara Zoo Membership Card.”

Still need help?

Email the membership team or call (805) 679-8479 for additional questions.

500 Ninos Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93103