• Came to Santa Barbara in July 2021 from San Diego Zoo
  • Is female, and was hatched at the Bronx Zoo on August 12, 1987
  • Name is pronounced “shYOW”
  • Likes to spend time in the pool
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Conservation Status

The Chinese alligator is the only member of the eight species in the Alligatoridae family to exist outside of the Americas. Native to slow-moving freshwater and marshland areas along the Yangtze River in China, today it is limited to the lower Yangtze, primarily in the Anhui and Zhejiang provinces in eastern China.

With less than 100 individuals currently in the wild, the Chinese alligator is widely regarded as the most endangered crocodilian in the world: it is ranked as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. Fortunately, about 100 Chinese alligators are managed under the Species Survival Program in AZA-accredited zoos, including the Santa Barbara Zoo.


Keep the Water Clean

Clean water is very important to the survival of all species, including alligators. You can help prevent pollution in our lakes, rivers, and oceans by making sure you properly dispose of chemicals and pet waste.