• Was born at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina, on April 10, 2018
  • Was the dominant cub in her litter and pride
  • Is mother to Pauline, born in November 2020 at the Zoo


  • Was born at the Indianapolis Zoo in Indiana on September 21, 2015
  • Shares the same birthday as Chadwick, the Zoo’s last remaining lion, who passed away in December of last year
  • Is father to Pauline, female lion cub born at the Zoo

Meet Felicia & Ralph

Conservation Status

Humans are among the main threats to lions in the wild, according to the IUCN Red List which lists the species as Vulnerable. It is believed that many lions killed by humans are retaliatory or preemptive to protect life and livestock, though trophy hunting is still allowed in some sub-Saharan countries. Habitat loss, depletion of prey, and disease from domestic animals are other factors.

Protect Local Birds!

Lions and house cats are similar in many ways, including their inclinations to play and hunt. By putting a bell on the collar of your outdoor cat or keeping your cat indoors, you can help protect many local birds from your cat’s natural instincts.