Working at the Zoo

Our values of Integrity, Quality, and Respect are at the heart of what we do daily as a team.

We believe in doing a great job for our guests, employees, volunteers, and our community. Our values are put into practice daily and allow us to provide a unique work environment and guest experience.

We conduct ourselves and our organization with integrity; we are honest, accountable, and loyal at all times.

We commit to quality. We provide the finest animal care and facilities; a safe, fun, easy, and educational experience for our guests; progressive and relevant programs; and a clear vision for our future.

We treat others with respect; we are compassionate and considerate in our actions.


You Belong at the Zoo! Why?

It's a Great Place to Work!

We strive to:

  • Provide a learning environment with great benefits and advancement opportunities.
  • Work as a team.
  • Enjoy our work and have fun!

    We are Guest-oriented

    We strive to:

  • Be professional, engaged, warm, friendly, informed, and resourceful because we care about our guests' experience.
  • Ensure safe, clean, and injury-free facilities.
  • Be a place of choice to visit in town.

    We are Goal-oriented

    We strive to:

  • Set competitive goals and involve our entire staff.
  • Focus on our mission and the best ways to deliver our care and services to our animals, our staff, and our guests.
  • Be the best place to visit in Santa Barbara!
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