Snow Leopard

Panthera uncia

Average Lifespan: Up to 20 years.


Diet: Mountain goats and sheep, deer, and boars. 


Geography: High mountains of Central Asia.

Babies: Snow leopards give birth to litters of 1-5 cubs after being pregnant for about 3 months. 


Conservation Status: Endangered.


Interesting Fact: A snow leopard uses its long tail as a built-in blanket, wrapping it around its body to keep warm.


Snow leopards at the Zoo

Play Time! Zoe is a very playful cat. She even plays tug o’ war with the keepers through the mesh of her holding and usually wins!


Zoe, DOB 5/18/03; Everett, DOB 6/22/97. 
Zoe weighs 67 pounds, and Everett weighs 79 pounds.




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