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Two New Dinosaurs Join Duncan for the All-New Summer Show, "Dino Doc"

Duncan is sponsored by the Duncan Family.


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Current schedule: “Dino Doc” performances scheduled on weekends at 12:00 & 3:00 p.m. For July 31 only, performances will be at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Shows will be canceled in the event of rain, since T-Rexes don't like to get wet!


The Santa Barbara Zoo's newest resident is a life-size, adolescent Tyrannosaurus Rex that runs, roars, snorts, blinks, growls… and even poops.

This amazingly life-like dinosaur was designed by the Chiodo Brothers, one of Hollywood's top creature shops. He's 15 ½ feet long from his nose to his tail, 7 feet tall, and his name is Duncan. He's the star of the Zoo's fun live stage show "How to Train Your Dinosaur."

During the family-friendly 15-minute lively presentation, the human hosts introduce the newly hatched T. Rex. Using Duncan, they attempt to demonstrate the special care received by the Zoo's animals - with hilarious results.

Just as keepers have trained the Zoo's gorillas to allow their teeth to be brushed, for example, Duncan is given a chance to improve his oral hygiene. But he's going to need a lot of patience and positive reinforcement, just like pets at home and the Zoo's animals, before he is trained.

Audience volunteers are also "trained" in exchange for treats.

Performances are held at the outdoor Rolling Hill Theatre and are free with Zoo admission. Audience seating is on a grassy hillside and there is no reserved seating.

Look for Duncan's hilarious TV commercial on Cox Santa Barbara.





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