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Science Day at the Zoo: Curriculum

We hope you enjoyed Science Day at the Zoo and were inspired to make hands-on science a regular part of your classroom. To get you started, we are happy to share the lessons we presented at Science Day 2011. Feel free to adapt them to your classroom or share them with friends. Happy exploring!

Preschoolsci day lesson plan

Pin the Tail on the Animal
Yummy or Yucky
Am I Happy or Am I Sad?
Your Home Habitat
How Do You Measure Up?

Kindergarten - Second Grade

What’s Up with Thumbs?
Treats from Trees
Sound and Music Everywhere
Your California Backyard
Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch
Check-Up Please

Third - Fifth Grade

Sea Star Stomach
Hunting Habits
We Bee Dancing
Trash Talk
Mixed-Up Penguins

Sixth - Eighth Gradesci day lesson plan1

Super Snake Sense
Whose Poop is it?
Can You Train Me Please?
Channel Island Fox
It’s Basic
Starfish, Worms, and Sponges...Oh My!


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