Asian Small-Clawed Otter

Aonyx cinerea


The otters are off exhibit (due to Discovery Pavilion construction) until February 2013. 

Average Lifespan: Up to 15 years.


Diet: In the wild, otters eat crabs, fish, clams, and frogs. 

: Fresh water (rivers, creeks, and estuaries) from India to southeastern China.  

Babies: These otters can have two litters per year; litters can be 1-6 pups. They are pregnant for about 2 months. 


Conservation Status: Not Endangered.


Interesting Fact: While most otters catch food with their mouths, this species uses their hands to find their meal.


Otters at the Zoo

Party Animals! Our otters are very curious and playful. They like to play with shells and rocks and sometimes they even juggle!


Katniss, DOB 8/2/06; Peeta, DOB 2/3/08.
The Zoo's otters weigh between 5-8 pounds.



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