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Foster Feeder Program

What is a Foster Feeder? 

Foster Feeders are very special people who take their favorite Zoo animals “under their wing” and sponsor them for a year. More than 400 animals from around the world call the Santa Barbara Zoo home. With that many mouths to feed, the Zoo’s annual food bill is more than $160,000.   You can maintain your Foster Feeder Sponsorship as long as you like by giving annual dues. Contributions to the Foster Feeder Program are used to offset the Zoo’s animal food costs.


How Can I Support the Foster Feeder Program?

If you are an animal lover, the Santa Barbara Zoo’s Foster Feeder program is a great opportunity for you to sponsor any animal at the Zoo at the level of support you choose. See below to learn about the different Foster Feeder levels, and then sign up online or by phone.

ONLINE: Begin or renew an animal sponsorship.

PHONE: Please call Christine Brand at (805) 962-5339, ext. 110, to begin or renew animal sponsorship. 

Foster Feeder: $50

Benefits include: color photo, Foster Feeder Certificate, animal fact sheet, recognition on Foster Feeder board for one year and in Zoo News, and a subscription to Zoo News.

Select Foster Feeder: $100

Includes Foster Feeder benefits plus: an adorable plush animal.

Premium Foster Feeder: $250

Includes Select Foster Feeder benefits plus: annual written updates from your sponsored animal’s keeper and invitations to private animal debut events.

V.I.P. Foster Feeder: $500

Includes Premium Foster Feeder benefits plus: a V.I.P. encounter* with your sponsored animal and recognition in the Santa Barbara Zoo’s Annual Report.

* The safety requirements of the animal and the guest will dictate the level of interaction during the encounter.

Elite Foster Feeder: $1,000

Includes V.I.P. Foster Feeder benefits plus: a full V.I.P Tour of the Santa Barbara Zoo with four animal encounters.

Premier Foster Feeder: $5,000

Includes Elite Foster Feeder benefits plus: recognition at the animal’s exhibit, a framed 8" x 10" photo, certificate, and naming rights (with an additional $5,000 donation) when available. Please contact Christine Brand by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone: (805) 962-5339, ext. 110 if you are interested in this one-of-kind giving opportunity.




general chad

African lion

Cockroach, Madagascar Hissing
Insect, Giant stick
Scorpion, Common emperor
Tarantula, Cobalt blue
Frog, Dyeing poison dart
Salamander, Barred tiger
Toad, Oriental fire-bellied
Tortoise, African spurred
Tortoise, Burmese black
Tortoise, California desert
Tortoise, Radiated
Turtle, Japanese pond
Chuckwalla, Western
Cobra, False water
Gecko, Madagascar giant day
Iguana, Green
Snake, Gopher
Caiman, Dwarf
Dragon, Frilled
Lizard, Granite spiny
Rattlesnake, Eastern diamondback
Boa, Amazon tree
Boa, Desert rosy
Boa, Solomon Island
Lizard, Mexican beaded
Snake, Black pine
Python, Ball
Python, Burmese
Alligator, Chinese
Alligator, American
Pheasant, Lady Amherst's
Pigeon, Bleeding Heart
Tern, Inca
Duck, Mandarin
Pelican, Brown
Pheasant, Palawan peacock
Pigeon, Blue-crowned
Roller, Indian
Swan, Black-necked
Frogmouth, Tawny
Ibis, Scarlet
Pheasant, Chinese Golden
Turaco, Livingston's
Flamingo, Chilean
Hornbill, Rhinocerus
Ibis, Sacred
Pheasant, Himalayan Monal
Toucan, Toco
Hawk, Red-tailed
Hornbill, African ground
Penguin, Humboldt
Vulture, Ruppell's Griffon
Macaw, Blue and gold
Macaw, Military
Macaw, Scarlet
Eagle, Northern bald
Condor, California
Rabbit, Domestic
Meerkat, Slender-tailed
Monkey, Bolivian grey titi
Otter, Asian small-clawed
Tamarin, Golden lion
Porcupine, Crested
Fox, Channel Island
Monkey, Goeldi's
Cat, African black-footed
Anteater, Giant
Gibbon, White-handed
Sheep, Navajo-Churro
Leopard, Amur
Leopard, Snow
Gorilla, Western lowland
Lion, African
Elephant, Asian
Giraffe, Masai
Shared Care groups allow multiple donors to share in the cost and care of some of the Zoo's larger animals
Elephant herd
Giraffe herd
Lion Pride
Gorilla troop
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